Don’t follow the flow; create your own way because nothing is stylish about a guy wearing an outfit chosen for him, not by him. It’s normally a case of the clothes wearing the man, instead of the way around.

So stop wearing something simply because someone says it to you, especially if you don’t love it and feel ridiculous. Your awkwardness will show, regardless of how dapper you’re trying to look.
And honestly, a great outfit will never be truly stylish without complete confidence in your choices.


Confidence is the main key, It gives me a boost when I completely wear my own style. I use three simple but essential rules to complete my street classy look.

  • The material is important to create a unique & classy style . I try to combine synthetic fibres (think satins, neoprene’s and nylons) with natural cashmere, cotton and woollen fabrics to create texture.
  • Then, retain clean lines and correct fit. Comfort street classy clothing may be less structured and more relaxed than tailored pieces.
  • Finally I look to the finer details, like leather, silk scarves and watches to give classy street wear that final boost. It’s about going from ‘eek’ to ‘chic’ – in one smooth move.


Long story short don’t follow the flow, a great outfit will be truly stylish if you wear it with confidence.

Trousers : Neil Barrett
T-shirt: Zara
Fragrance : Creed Orginal Vetiver
Sneakers designed by me:  ZX Flux
Watch: Michael Kors
Bangle Bracelet: Anil Arjandas
Glasses: Dior So Real