Growing a beard is an affirmation of manliness and masculinity. The beard itself is a physical characteristic that separates men from boys. In a culture that has downplayed good old-fashion masculinity, growing a beard shows that you are not afraid of being a manly man. You can reclaim an aspect of manliness that is too often lost by not growing a beard.

Hair on your face is somewhat different than the hair on your head, caring for your beard requires a modified set of instructions. It is important to keep your beard clean and well-conditioned.
My product essential is the Custom beard kit from Cliff orginal.
The kit contains the following products:

Beard Oil Scent
Face & Beard Wash Brick
Beard Balm

The kit softens & cleans up the beard, adds a little shine, and smells delightful. It’s like heaven for your beard and might actually get you kissed once in awhile. Each product of Cliff Original geared to keep your face and beard looking and feeling healthy. Besides from that all Cliff Original products are made from natural ingredients.

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