Biomega is an exclusive premium urban bicycle brand. Their philosophy is the optimization of technology, ethics and aesthetics.
Biomega’s philosophy and design is so exclusive, it stands out from any other bicycle brand.
The company distributes its products to more than 20 countries, and has its headquarters in Denmark.

“Furniture for Locomotion.”

The Biomega OKO has been designed for the best performance, it suits perfectly to a busy urban lifestyle. The OKO is an unique lightweight and highly practical city pedelec with a fashionable twist, which will undoubtedly make heads turn to its direction.

Recently Biomega has launched their new limited edition bicycle: The OKO Night Glow. As the founder of Biomega states: ”One of the core founding values of Biomega remains visibility, and the night glow color stands resolutely as the flag bearer for this key principle’’. The night glow colour makes sure you will always be visible in traffic. Only twenty pieces are made of this bicycle, which makes it an exclusive investment piece. All the 20 pieces are personally signed by creative director and first designer of Biomega, Jens Martin Skibsted.

The Biomega team is dedicated to find the right type of bike for you: