Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury is all about taking advantage of what life has to offer, offering you the opportunity to be yourself and daring to take a step into the unknown. Eric Kuster designs for international a-list clients like rap legend Nas, DJ David Guetta, Alicia Keys & soccer players like Dennis Bergkamp, Zinedine Zidane en Robin van Persie. Decor is a lifestyle choice, and the collection embodies the aspects that make life enjoyable; the exciting contrasts between earthy and glossy, serious and sexy.

According to Eric Kuster work and pleasure are, for me, one and the same, and this has allowed me to explore many exotic locations first hand. My experiences were a source of inspiration as I began to form a design vision, and have moulded my ideas regarding beauty. These impressions are communicated through my work. Imagine a combination of the opulence of the Mercer, the glamour of the Delano, the history of the Costes and the innovation of the St. Martins Lane and you come close to my idea of luxury.