Most people think training with  only your body weight limits you, but they’re guessing it wrong. Your body weight can be used to generate any numbers of training stimuli.
You can train more explosive and fast muscle fiber related and also exercises that forcing your total body to stabilize for an endurance challenge.


All you need to make training effective is your own body weight

The best way to achieve ripped abs is to use your whole body, besides that and full body workout will burn more calories rather than lifting weights.body you will get a ripped body & will burn  more calories as result.

My daily gym routine is as following;

1.Push ups 3x 15 reps each set
2.Planking 3x 50 seconds each set
3.Russian Twist 3x 20 reps each set
4.Heel Touch 3 sets  50 reps each set

After my daily routine I hit some weights in the gym, but I focus on  high repetitions with low weight instead of low repetitions with high weight. With high repetition and low weight you will train more athlete related and you trigger your muscles to endurance the acidification, which will result in a more ripped athlete body instead of big muscles.