It’s autumn which means its all change for your wardrobe. One thing is for sure; the weather waits for no man even if you’re not quite ready to retire your t-shirt and trusty chinos. So, on that faithful day when you suddenly realise that middling temperatures will no longer sporadically jump, and that autumn’s frosty bite has bitten and isn’t letting go, make sure that you’re wearing the layers to take autumn to another level.

When approaching layering it’s important to start with the basics. That means starting from the foundation of your outfit and building your look garment by garment, and not the other way around which is often the case. This way, it’s easier to remove or add layers as the temperature dictates.
For me, layering gives an outfit an element of sophistication. Classic but fancy garment can enhance your overall look and style.

Details make the men, so lets pay attention to a whole another aspect, which are driving gloves.
Dents gloves are by far the best glove company in my opinion, Dents has a distinguished heritage producing the finest leather gloves, and there is a lot more to it than meets the eye, whether they are making a pair of shooting gloves, or a pair of peccary driving gloves.

I matched my Dents Hair sheep leather driving gloves with a complete oriented classy but calm autumn look.


Vest: Zara
Shirt: Oliver Spencer
Gloves: Dents Hairsheep Leather Gloves
Bracelet: Catier Juste Un Clou
Jeans: Mick Slim
Shoes: Clarks Desert Boot