Hanz de Fuko hair care products are made for both traditional and modern gentlemen. Founded in San Francisco in 2009, it is made with the highest quality organic ingredients and most effective natural plant extracts.
Their products are simple, sophisticated, common sensual and structured, bringing great styling options with each bottle or jar.

With wax, clay pomade and a range of men’s body soaps and cleaners, the Hanz de Fuko offering is as good as any other but with more quality and elegenace. My favorite hair products of Hanz de Fuko.

  • Quicksand – Perfect name for the feel and function of this hair styling cream. It’s meant to hold firmly and cuts down on gloss or shine. It literally felt like it had little bits of sand in it to add to the matte look and added the appearance of volume to my hair.It offers a matte finish with a medium hold and gives amazing texture. This is one of the most unique products I’ve used and is now one of my “must haves.
  • Claymation is a clay-wax hybrid that ensures a super high hold with a semi-matte finish, and crucially, excellent pliability so that it can be easily spread through hair during styling.  Its certified organic and paraben free formula with Kaolin clay ensures a day long, firm hold with a semi-matte finish. Its ideal for any hairstyle especially those looking to achieve a voluminous pompadour style.
  • Gravity Paste gives your hair unbelievable hold and height you’ll think you’re in space.Rub a dime sized amount on your palms to activate “Super-Grip” and you’ll be on the way to defying gravity.
    Super hold, medium shine, and your hair will smell fresh like spearmint too.

The Hanz de Fuko team is dedicated to find the best products for your hair type, so order yours now.

More Info https://www.hanzdefuko.com/
Webshop: https://www.moquer.com/hanz-de-fuko-168