Maybe you work in a casual environment where you don’t have to wear a suit, but you like doing it anyway. Maybe you’re self-employed and you only dress up because you meet with clients and have employees. Perhaps you’re the boss and run the whole show, or maybe you just play by your own rules.

Whatever the case may be, nothing looks quite as confident as a guy who’s willing to break the rules of tradition and wear alternative footwear with a fine tailored suit.To pull this confident and bold look you’ve to make sure your suit is perfect tailored.  You also need to wear all the stuff you would normally wear with a suit, like a well-pressed dress shirt and maybe a pair of cufflinks. You can skip or wear the tie if you want but that part is up to your personal style.

A quick and simple way to dress up formal attire when wearing sneakers is finding sneakers that come in more luxe materials to formalise the look. A key example are New Balance trainers which insert an edge to formal clothes. You need to locate a pair of dressy trainers, not a pair that looks like they would be even remotely at home on a tennis court. Companies like New BalanceCommon ProjectsFilling Pieces Lanvin make several varieties of trainers with crisp white soles  that are a perfect choice for this masculine style.

Suit: Sandro
Dress Shirt: Boggi Milano
Sneakers: New Balance