When it comes to your job, don’t underestimate the power of looking of looking polished. Because whether it’s the first interview with your boss, an important client presentation, or even post-work drinks with your colleagues, how you present yourself and perhaps more important, how you’re perceived by your peers, can make all the difference in getting ahead, and getting want your want from your job.


Toast is one of my favorite office essentials, Its the perfect way to give your high tech gadgets a classic & chique look, I customized my own Mac book cover.
Custom tech covers are a great way to promote your business in an elegance way, its all about the details.

The Toast  team is dedicated to help you customize your perfect cover kit.
More Info www.toastmade.com

Macbook Cover: Toast Made
Fragrance: Encre Noire Lalique
Watch: Rolex Submariner Gold Green
Bracelet: Cartier Just Un Clou
Phone: Apple Iphone 6