Every season is filled with different smells like the  fresh grass cut  in the summer & beautiful flowers & plants who oils during dry periods mixed with a cool autumn breeze. Getting the right scent for every season can be nearly impossible, you need a long lasting smell that isn’t too heavy or overbearing. Everyone is naturally attracted to a good scent, the main key is to pick an exclusive scent that represents your character which isn’t used by the majority.

There’s just something about a delightful scent that smells great which makes you irresistible. With so many different smells out there it can be hard to find a sensual timeless but elegant scent.
Try to avoid popular scents that are available in every perfume store, I always try to seek for an exclusive scents, these scents will attract a lot of people wondering what fragrance you are wearing.

My favorite fragrance is Kilian Straight to Heaven, White Cristal, a fragrance inspired by Rum, a life-giving alcohol blending the heat of Caribbean islands. The mystery of its aura is deepened by Nutmeg, Cedar and Brazilian Rosewood. This life-giving alcohol definitely leads us into temptation, an invitation partake of forbidden fruit. A timeless soft elegance fragrance which will turn heads.
Kilian uses only the rarest and most expensive essential oils in each scent and most importantly, all of Kilian’s perfumes are refillable so the bottle you buy is the bottle you keep for lifetime.

The Kilian team is dedicated to help find your perfect scent :http://www.bykilian.com/fr/