Looking for a small yet luxurious hotel in the heart of Funchal? Look no further. Sé Boutique Hotel has perfectly mastered the balance between the Mediterranean vibe of the island and the cosmopolitan feel of the city.

Located only a few footsteps away from the Cathedral of Funchal, you will find Sé Boutique Hotel, a small but luxurious hotel in the heart of Funchal. As soon as you enter Sé Boutique hotel, you will feel as if you are arriving home. The welcoming staff, the cozy lobby with a mix of classic sofas, brightly colored designer chairs and pastel-colored walls full of oil paintings will be nothing like your standard hotel. Sé Boutique Hotel truly knows how to maintain the balance of creating a modern, artistic but still classy environment.

Just for the rooftop terrace, I would book a stay at Sé Boutique Hotel. This is by far my favorite part of the hotel. The rooftop terrace is ideal for enjoying phenomenal views of the city with a drink in your hand, made by the great bartender. Don’t forget to go to the second floor of the rooftop terrace, in order to enjoy a 360 view of Madeira: you’ll see a full view of Funchal, the mountains and the endless Atlantic Ocean.

Do not think that the rooftop terrace is the only place to wind down. Sé Boutique Hotel also offers two restaurants (Restaurant O Calhau and Restaurant Cosi Scoozi) and a fantastic Lobby Café. Next to that, you can start every day off with a breakfast buffet, which includes bread freshly handmade by a true Madeiran elderly woman. Don’t forget to enjoy all the fresh fruits the buffet has to offer, I have never tasted better oranges than those at Sé Boutique Hotel!

I can write endlessly about this stunning hotel, but you have to experience the amazing view and facilities by yourself.

The Sé Boutique Hotel Team is dedicated to providing you the greatest service.