As a modern man, you know the importance of taking care of the largest organ on your body.
Your skin, especially on your face is a living billboard that announces your age, health, and vitality, so it pays to take the time to tend to it like you would the rest of your body in order to present the best version of yourself.

Most of the skin care products are created equal, highly unregulated, and included many ingredients that can be potentially toxic to your body. That’s why I was pleased to hear from Paula’s Choice, no added fragrance, dyes or ingredients that can harm the health and function of your skin.

To find the perfect product that suits your skin you’ve recognize your skin type.
Once you know your skin type you can choose products that are best for your skin;

Oily skin
has an all-over shine, may have blackheads or white bumps, typically has acne breakouts along with enlarged, often clogged pores. Skin feels and looks greasy during the day, even when you’re not active or perspiring.

Combination skin is most common. Your skin will have both oily and dry areas, with the oily areas being in the centre of your face. Cheeks typically look and feel normal or they may be slightly to very dry. The eye area typically is drier than the rest of your face.

Dry skin has a rough, uneven texture and may feel too tight or show visible flaking or signs of chapping. Redness may be apparent, too, especially if you’ve been using drying skin-care products. Pores are generally small and you rarely struggle with breakouts or blackheads.

Sensitive skin can be present, too. You’ll see signs of irritation, lingering redness, and generally find that most skin-care products make your skin feel worse, not better.
The key is using gentle, fragrance-free products.


After getting some advice from the Paula’s Choice Team I start to  use the PC4MEN Kit , this kit includes every tool you need for healthy skin without any fragrance or irritating ingredients.  Besides that I added a calm advanced redness relieve liquid Clinical Instant Calm Advances & Resist Pure Radiance Skin brightening which evens out skin tone to my Skin Care Kit.


The Paula’s Choice Team is dedicated to helping you find the best solution for your skin. With their expert advice, you’ll have the facts you need to take the best possible care of your skin.

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