Business travel is a fairly common occurrence in this day and age, from the fly-in, fly-out jobs to the large companies with multiple office locations. Although the idea of travelling for business seems like fun at first sight, it can actually be fairly stressful. To help ease some of the burdens, have a look at the ideas below that could help form your ultimate travel kit.


These items are my favorite travel essentials. First of all the VOSS water bottle is my most important item, because it is made of glass the bottle will keep your water cold for hours. Besides that I always have my Ipad including the leather zip clutch with me. The external Iphone/Ipad charger is indispensable in my kit. To kill the time I love to read so my favorite magazine Entourage Magazine by Eric Kuster is always in my hand while traveling.

travel kit




Glass Water Bottle : Voss Water
Tablet: Ipad Air
Leather Zip clutch: Patkas Clutch
External USB Battery Iphone/Ipad: Aukey
Magazine: Eric Kuster Entourage Magazine