Choosing the perfect leather bag may not always be easy, but learning the best approach is worthwhile. These products offer qualities that are unique, stylish, and very much in demand.
Troubadour is the one and only brand that suits all the unique qualities a man needs.

The founders of Troubadour Abel Samet & Samuel Bail spent years to create a well-designed, high-quality overnight bag that could transition seamlessly from situation to situation, be it a quick business trip or a casual weekend away with friends.

The foundation of Troubadour is to design a classic, durable bag that married function and style – one you’d happily carry with you for years and years, one that would age beautifully and hold within it the many stories of your life adventures. It was from this idea, along with the many talented artisans whose handiwork is responsible for these products that Troubadour was born.

Handcrafted in Italy using the most exceptional vegetable-tanned leather and bespoke materials. Troubadour pieces will age beautifully, and wear well with you. Troubadour is committed to superior service.
The Troubadour team is dedicated to help you customize your perfect travel kit.
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