Travelling is my favourite thing to do. I love to explore the world from every angle.
The build-up of a holiday or a short break away from the usual home/office routine is so exciting, but packing can be really bothersome. Most people rather just skip the whole travel process and magically find themselves there.
The truth is that preparing for your travels does not have to feel like such a burden. If you do it the right way then you will soon come to realise that packing your essentials is actually an easy process with Vocier. Their brand stands for the dapper gentlemen, and it is actually the first creaseless luggage.

If you have ever travelled with a suit before, you already know keeping it crisp and wrinkle free is nearly impossible. Vocier has the perfect solution, though, with the space to not only fit all the clothes, shoes, shirts, and pants you need for a long trip, but also to keep them, your suit, wrinkle free.  Vocier’s ingenious solution to wrinkled suits: a Zero-Crease System that gently curves the suit bag around the outside of the main compartment so that your suit doesn’t get folded as you pack. A removable interior allows for more space if you’re not packing a suit, and there are easy to access compartments to fit everything whilst being protected.

I am currently using the F38 luggage bundle for my travels. It consists of the famous F38 luggage, the F12 Dopp Kit which fits exactly in the luggage and to top it all of it includes the F25 briefcase which fits my laptop perfectly. This is what effortlessly travelling is all about.

The Voicier team is dedicated to find the right type of luggage for you.