Historical heritage of the label were founding ancestors of a skilled family of German emigrants involved in the world-trade of rare oils, herbs, spices and petals for nearly three centuries.

Camille Henfling , the wizard behind the label’s rebirth, is a direct heir to the Von Eusersdorff Lineage. There is just something about a great smelling person. Each fragrance is like an opus to an unforgettable memory. Like childhood, love, nature

Von Eusersdorff perfumes were created for people with extraordinary individuality.
But don’t mistake the scents to be “tailored” to women or men only. The fragrances were designed to be worn alone. However, quite a lot of fans and repeat customers of the fragances, wear them in a variety of unique ways.

The Von Eusersdorff line is definitely the best perfume line I’ve ever been in touch with. With their amazing Classic fragrances which give your personality an amazing twist which turn heads on a meeting or a party. Tired of those perfumes that disappear in no time, try Von Eusersdorff. It packs a punch, and lasts and lasts. It is certainly my new number one fragrance in my daily routine.

The fragrances I love to wear are Myrrh & Vetiver.

Classic Myrrh: Myserious,Classy,Sopischitcated
Top Notes: Iranian incense, Chinese cedar leaf oil, petit grain bitter orange tree oil
Middle Notes: Central American guaiac wood oil, violet accord, Haitian sandalwood oil
Base Notes: Indonesian patchouli oil, Haitian vetiver oil, and Spanish cistus oil

Classic Vetiver: Sporty,Fresh,Classy
Top Notes: Israeli grapefruit oil, Calabrian bergamot essential oil, Sicilian lemon oil
Middle Notes: Egyptian geranium oil, Iranian elemi extract, Chinese peppercorn extract
Base Notes: Moroccan cedarwood oil, Indonesian patchouli oil, and Hatian vetiver oil

Classic Patchouli was the first fragrance unveiled by Von Eusersdorff…“as an opus to unforgettable memories”. With its long lasting, richly exotic and woody blend of bergamot topped by lush notes of black patchouli, it became an instant hit among the sharper set of international aficionados in New York, Paris, Moscow and Amsterdam. In September 2011, Von Eusersdorff created a stir by releasing three unprecedented Eaux de Parfum entitled: Classic Myrrh, Classic Vetiver and Classic Mimosa.

Each of these olfactory opuses further establishes the labels ability to produce ‘inspiringly different’ fragrances for Men and Women.

Although entirely conceived and produced in Grasse (France), Von Eusersdorff actually takes inspiration from the dynamic city of New York where the creative team is based.

The Von Eusersdorff team is dedicated to help you find the perfect scent

The Von Eusersdorff team is dedicated to help you find the perfect scent